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The image is of a letter of Leschetizky.

HINTON, Arthur (1869-1941). Composer.
Archive of letters, contracts etc.

Theodor Leschetizky (1830-1915): Autograph Letter Signed to Hinton thanking him for offer to dedicate a composition to him, and sending regards to him and his wife, on a postcard, Vienna, 9 July 1905. With translation.

(Sir) Alexander Campbell Mackenzie (1847-1935): Letter Signed, 1¼ pages 8vo, Royal Academy of Music, 18 July 1893, agreeing to Hinton's plan to travel abroad to further his studies in composition.

(Sir) Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924): Long Autograph Letter Signed, 4 pages 8vo, 50 Holland Street, Kensington, 14 December 1902, giving a reasoned critique of Hinton's symphony, which Stanford was preparing to perform; with an autograph testimonial in favour of Hinton for the position of professor of music at Adelaide University, 3 pages 8vo, 29 August 1901.

Ernest Newman (1869-1959): Autograph Letter Signed, 2½ pages 8vo, 54 Grove Streeet, Liverpool, 8 April 1902, thanking him for a parcel of music, and promising to try to do it justice in a series of brief articles.

Arthur Hinton's correspondence with his publishers, comprising about 120 pages of accounts, agreements, contracts, and receipts etc. including many signed by Hinton, with a wide range of music publishers and dealers: Air & Coghill, Bayley & Ferguson, C. Boulangier (receipt for £33 5s for a Gagliano viola), Breitkopf & Härtel, J. Curwen & Sons, Elkin & Co. Ltd., Fischer & Brother (New York), F.M. Geidel (Leipzig), Novello & Co., Oppenheimer Bros., D. Rahter (Leipzig), Reid Bros Ltd., Stainer & Bell (large number), Joseph Williams, Ltd, Charles Woolhouse, and Yale University (music department).

The music of Arthur Hinton is now largely neglected, and even in his lifetime his career was overshadowed by that of his wife, the pianist Katharine Goodson. It is, however, shameful that Hinton has no entry in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Grove, Oxford Dictionary of Music and Oxford Companion to Music.
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The image is of a letter of Leschetizky.

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