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An extensive correspondence of the Anglo-French pianist Frank (Francis) Laffitte. Including letters and memorabilia signed by Ravel, Pierre Monteux, Ysaye, and many others.
Most of the letters are on musical matters and many are of considerable length. Several are from contemporary composers and relate to performances of their music (usually by Laffitte); others express appreciation of his performances, especially broadcasts in the early days of the BBC.
The following is a rough calendar of the contents:
Robert Barclay-Wilson (composer):17 extensive Autograph Letters Signed on musical matters, 1974-1980, with carbons of two of Laffitte's replies and of his analysis of Barclay-Wilson's piano sonata.
Muriel Bax: 3 Autograph Letters Signed and Josephine Bax (pupil) 1 Autograph Letter Signed referring to her 'infatuation' with Laffitte, 30 March 1957.
Sir Arthur Bliss: 11 letters (8 typewritten), 1941-1971, the earlier letters from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), with 1 Typewritten Letter Signed from Trudy Bliss, 1950.
Sir Adrian Boult: 4 letters, 2 typewritten, one on a postcard, 1937-1959.
Albert Coates: Typewritten Letter Signed (1935) and signed card, with two telegrams and six letters from family members, Gladys, Tamara and Veronique, with the order of service etc. for Coates's memorial service.
Clifford Curzon: 4 Autograph Letters Signed (3 on cards), 1958-1971 where dated, with a greetings card and one envelope.
E. Heyermann: four Autograph Letters Signed concerning performances of his music, ca 1947-1950.
Arthur Hinton: 3 long letters (one in his wife's hand), ca 1939 with Hinton's autograph description of his piano concerto in D minor, and Laffitte's own extensive programme notes for a performance of the concerto.
Katherine Goodson[-Hinton]: 8 Autograph Letters Signed and cards, with a group of photographs (some modern reproductions) and 5 letters from her daughter, Eva Fraser-smith.
Marian Nevins MacDowell: Autograph Letter Signed & 2 Typewritten Letters Signed, 1938-1943 with two envelopes.
Pierre Monteux: 2 Autograph Letters Signed and Typewritten Letter Signed, 1926 and 1928 with one envelope.
Charles Wilfred Orr: 7 very long letters (mostly typewritten) with a few related pieces.
Eric Parkin: 3 Autograph Letters Signed (one of 6 pages) and Typewritten Letter Signed with an inscribed photograph and related material, 1946-1976.
Alec Rowley: 6 Autograph Letters Signed, one on a card, 1931-1944.
Sir Malcolm Sargent: 2 brief typewritten notes on cards, 1931.
Sir Henry Wood: 2 Typewritten Letters Signed to Madame Laffitte about her son, 1915 and 1917.Miscellaneous correspondence: from Felix Abrahamian, Fridhof Backer-Gröndahl (Autograph Letter Signed and signed photograph), Anna Barton, Marmaduke Barton, Aylmer Buesst, Sir Frederic Cowen, David Davenport, Helen Dashwood, Adelina de Lara, Astra Desmond, Harry Farjeon, J.A. Fuller Maitland (2), Bernardo Fuentes Bobo (2), Sidney Harrison, Victor Hely-Hutchinson (with related material),Stuart Hibberd (BBC, 3), Theodore Holland, Anthony Hopkins (2, with Laffitte's copy of a reply,[John Ireland - Laffitte's notes on his piano music and copies of 2 letters from Ireland to himself, 1925], Alvar Liddell (BBC), Kathleen Long (2), John McCormack, Landon Ronald, Percy Scholes, H. Waldo Warner, Stuart Wilson, among others.
Autograph Album (8vo in dark brown leather, binding shaken) compiled by Laffitte containing Autograph Music Quotation Signed by François Rasse, Eugene Ysaye, Autograph Letter Signed to Powell (1924), John Ireland (Autograph Letter Signed to Laffitte, 1925), Pierre Monteux (signed souvenir, 1926, with two from his wife), Katherine Goodson-Hinton (Autograph Letter Signed), Jascha Heifetz (inscription, 1926), Rudolf Mengelberg (with music motif), Alfred Cortot and Jacques Thibaud (signed on part of a concert programme), Dan Godfrey, Jelly d'Arányi, Maurice Ravel, (inscription to Laffitte dated 6 July 1931), W.H. Reed, Maggie Teyte, Avril Coleridge-Taylor (with musical quotation), Yvonne de Gaulle (Autograph Letter Signed), and much else.
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