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LINDBERGH, Charles (1902-1974). American aviator.
Typewritten Letter Signed to Dr Robert M Bartlett at the Plymouth Congregational Church in Lansing, Michigan, 1 page 4to, Scott's Cove, Darien, Connecticut, 4 February 1949. Declining Bartlett's invitation to given the lecture at the William F. Ayres Foundation the following November ('the work I am now engaged in makes it impossible for me to schedule speaking engagements').
'I have just received your December first letter which arrived while I was abroad on an Air Force mission. ...'
Lindbergh's Of Flight and Life˙had been published the previous year. The book re-established Lindbergh as a social and political force, rehabilitating his reputation for Nazi-sympathising. His new-found religion, a combination of Christian, Buddist and other beliefs, warned against using science without a moral purpose and struck a chord in the increasingly prosperous country.
 In the event, the lecture was given by another air pioneer, Igor Sikorsky. Sikorsky, a deeply religious Russian Orthodox Christian, took the subject of eternal life for his lecture.
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