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BYRON, Augusta Ada (1815-1852). Countess of Lovelace, Byron's daughter. Mathematician.
Autograph Letter Signed (A.A. Lovelace) to Miss ?Bontell, 2½ pages 8vo, Horsley, Tuesday 18 September no year. Sending news of her son, Byron King-Noel, styled Viscount Ockham (1836-1862), who was evidently serving on board ship.

'Since I wrote to you yesterday we have received another unexpected letter from Ockham, of a date 15 days earlier than the one I told you of. On July 26th, in sight of Brava (one of the Cape de Verde Islands), the Swift spoke a Dutch Barque. This barque posted letters from the Swift, in Holland after her arrival there.
 'Doubtless the barque was a slow vessel, besides which the
Zuyder Zee is further to go than England  »
Gertrude Peppercorn recorded a number of piano rolls early in the twentieth century. Some of these recordings appear to be still available in 2010.

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The image shows the last page only.vising what was in effect the first computer algorithm, or program intended f  ┬*
Ruskin first met Lily Armstrong when she was a 12-year-old schoolgirl at Winnington, the girls' boarding-school in Cheshire run by the financially inept Margaret Alexis Bell with considerable interest and assistance from Ruskin himself. He was a regular visitor to the school, where he not only proceeded with
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