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CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Spencer (1874-1965).
Typewritten Letter Signed with autograph salutation and subscription, to Charles Masterman ('My dear Charlie'), 1 page 4to on black-edged paper with integral blank, 22 September 1910. A good political letter from Churchill's office as home secretary, discussing his plans, including a visit to Lloyd George, which might be overtaken by a summons from the king.

Nicholas Kilburn (1843-1923), an amateur musician from Bishop Auckland in Durham, became a close friend of Elgar's and corresponded with him over many years. Several letters from Elgar to Kilburn are published in Letters of Edward Elgar, ed. by Percy M. Young, although not the present example. The Elgars had gone to Italy for the winter and had just settled into their villa, where Alice rearranged the rooms so that Edward could work upstairs as he preferred, and they had hired a piano.
'... I fear it will be quite impossible for me to visit you next year, that is in the first half of it. I have so much to do in March & April. I am so sorry as we shd. have loved to be with you & yours: don't wait for me however: conduct it yourself & it will be all the better! ...'

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