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HESSE, Hermann (1877-1962). German-born Swiss poet, novelist & painter.
Typewritten Letter Signed in German to an unnamed correspondent ('Hochgeehrter Herr!'), ½-page 4to, on writing paper of the prisoner-of-war library in Bern, 16 October 1917. Thanking his correspondent for his welcome gift to the library.
Hesse volunteered to serve in the Imperial Army from the outbreak of World War I, but was found unfit for combat duty. He was assigned to the German Embassy's central office for the distribution of books to German prisoners. Hesse's anti-nationalist articles date from this period. As a result, he was considered a traitor by his countryman, a label attached to him throughout his working life.
His novel Demian, though not published until after the War had ended, was written in three weeks during September and October of 1917 and was, therefore, only just completed when this letter was written.
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