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BENSON, Arthur Christopher (1862-1925). Poet and college head.
Long Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 4 pages 8vo (tipped to the remains of an album leaf), Hinton Hall, Haddenham, Isle of Ely, 28 July 1906. Giving an account of his literary endeavours, and adding, perhaps a little disingenuously, that he preferred to be published anonymously.
'... I have an article appearing shortly in the Atlantic Monthly on "Vulgarity" & another in Putnam's new magazine on "The Ethics of Reviewing". "The Upton Letters" is to be published with my name attached & a preface.
 'I have some other work in hand ... most of my time is taken up with the "Queen's Letters"
[The Letters of Queen Victoria, 1837-1861, of which Benson was joint editor and which appeared in 1907]. ...'

[No: 24390]

The image is of the third page only.

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