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JAMES I (1566-1625). King of Scotland, England and Ireland.
Document bearing the great seal of James I, 1 page folio (oblong) on vellum, in fine condition, the seal attached by a vellum tag, 1 December 1615. 'A licence of Alienacon from Thomas Gawdye Esquire unto S[i]r Clippesby Gawdye Knight' [contemporary endorsement]. The seal, in dark brown wax, complete although a little soiled and rubbed.
The document itself is in latin, and bears three additions on narrow vellum tags now pineod to the upper left hand corner of the document, each signed by a scrivener 'p[e]r Will: Screven.' It relates to the Gawdy lands in Norfolk, the Gawdy family being notable landowners in the county. The date is given as 1 December in the thirteenth year of James's reign in England, France and Ireland, and the forty-ninth of his reign of Scotland.
  Alienation was the transfer of a holding by sale rather than by inheritance. A licence was required from the lord, who would of course collect a fee. If the holding was from the Crown, there were also licences and fees and fines for 'pardons'. The functions of the Alienation Office were eventually transferred to the Treasury.
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