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BURGHLEY, William Cecil, 1st Baron (1520-1593). Statesman.
Letter Signed to the Sheriff of Staffordshire, 1 page folio with address-leaf (old repair to blank area), 'From the Co[ur]t', 30 March 1584. The recipient was Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakeow Hall, Derbyshire, who had been appointed sheriff in 1583. As second name at the foot of the first page has been crossed out. Loosely bound in old boards.
Concerning a dispute relating to the property of Lady Paget, widow of William Paget (1st Baron Paget of Beaudesert (1506-1563, appointed Lord Privy Seal by Queen Mary) and her sons, and asking for restitution to be made if the claims can be proved.
'... I am informed by the old ladie Pagett, the widowe of the L[ate] Will[ia]m Pagett L[ord] privie seale deceassed, that you have ?staied divers horses and coltes of his, w[hi]ch my L[ord] pagett his sonne had in his parkes and other places for hir to kepe, we also certaine wooll ... If this his La[dy's] informac[i]on be trewe and that by good proof she is hable to prove that that she alledgeth then is theare god cawse they should be restored unto hir, and yet nevertheles upon Bond to restore the same or the valewe if they prove to have been the goode of my lordes his sonnes; otherwise if such proof cannot be made as hir La[dyship] alledgeth, then maie yowe forbeare to deliver somuch thereof as hir La: cannot duelie prove to be hirs, untill better proof be had. So fare yowe well. From the co[ur]t this xxxth of Marche 1584 / Yo[u]r verie loving frend / W. Burghley.'
Address: 'To my verie loving / frend Mr Greseleie / esquier. Sheriff of / the countie of Stafford'
Note below the address: 'La[dy] paget'.

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