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FURNISS, Harry (1854-1925). Caricaturist and illustrator.
Fine series of sixty-nine Autograph Letters Signed (mostly with initials, nine on postcards) to Lewis S. Benjamin ('Lewis Melville'), ca 1906 to 1923. Written from his home, The Mount, High Wickham, Hastings, or the Garrick Club and some from elsewhere, with a few original envelopes, the letters are largely undated except occasionally by the recipient.

 Largely relating to Harry Furniss's illustrations for works of Lewis Melville (1874-1932), several of which were about Thackeray, and about the affairs of the Titmarsh Club.
'I am quite alarmed this morning - on my return from Town - to find that the 2 pictures have not reached you - I posted them myself at the post office next to the Swiss Cottage ... Unfortunately I find also a very urgent letter from Macmillan's for those prefaces!! ...
 'Kindly let me have a ticket and I shall not abuse the confidence placed in me by bringing any objectionable person to meet Lady R[itchie] - not even her own husband!'
 '... It is no good going with an illustrated book to a poor publisher. I am puzzled now whom to offer my Cinematographer book, which, I think, ought to go well. ...'
 '... I really have not had - not shall I have - a moment to look through "Vanity Fair" by Sunday week. Therefore for once I shall have to "cry off" - speech making - not even a "few words" please. ...'
 'I really know nothing of the rival Thackeray exhibition you mention and very little about the one the Tits are arranging. Except that it is proposed to hold it in the Grafton Galleries, which contains more than one gallery & I thought I might have one for the exhibition of my original drawings illustrating the current Thackeray. ...'
 '... Sir Fredeick Macmillan was very much impressed with my Thackeray work (it is ever so much better than my Dickens) & he is considering it. ... Need I say I should be
delighted to illustrate "Cranford". If S.S. & I saw my Thackeray work - same period - they would I am certain> jump at your suggestion. ...'
etc. etc.
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