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COOPER, Thomas Sidney (1803-1902). Animal-painter.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo on black-edged paper, Vernon Holme, Harbledowne, 22 May 1882. Asking him to join a party of friends to see the restored Monarch of the Meadows (painted 1873), and telling him that he had asked the mayor to call a meeting at which he will make a presentation to the city gallery.

 The Monarch of the Meadows, one of 'Cow' Cooper's most famous pictures, had been stolen in 1881 from the home of the wealthy glove-manufacturer who had commissioned it, and held to ransom. It would appear from the court case of R. v. Harris and Atkins (1882) that an attempt had also been made to conceal the crime after the painting had been cut from its frame by setting the frame on fire (with the consequence that the house, 108 Lancaster Gate, had also been damaged).
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