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NAPOLEON I (1769-1821). Emperor of the French.
Fine Document Signed ('Bonaparte'), to Songis de Courbon, 2 pages folio, (traces of former mount, ink stain) Tortone, 28 prairal an IV [16 June 1796]. As commander of the army in Italy, giving news of the appointments of Nuiron and Pernety, and ordering the movement of artillery to consolidate the siege of Mantua.
'... Le Commandant en Chef de l'artillerie de L'armée avec le Commandant du Génie et le général Serrurier (sic) concerteront le point d'attaque ... Toute l'artillerie de Siège qui est en Etat de Servir, à Modène, Sera transporté à Borgoforte et de là au parc lorsque le moment du Siège s'approchera. ...'
Napoleon was allowed to strengthen his position in the siege due to the military stagnation following the dismissal of Beaulieu from command of the allied forces. Although the siege of Mantua had to be abandoned in the face of more pressing military commitments, Napoleon had come very near to taking the area, which he regarded as crucial for the penetration of Germany.
 Jean Matthieu Philibert Sérurier (1742-1819) later governed the captured cities of Venice (1797) and Lucca (1798). He was created a Marshal by Napoleon in 1804.
 Joseph-Marie Pernety (1766-1856), an artillery officer, eventually progressed through the ranks and was appointed a general in 1807.

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