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MOORE, Thomas (1779-1852). Poet.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to the publisher and bookseller William Pickering, 1 page 4to with integral address-leaf, Sloperton, 14 November 1835. Thanking Pickering for two letters and a book, discussing the attack on [William Lisle] Bowles therein, speculating that it may have been written by an acquaintance reluctant to launch a similar onslaught on himself.
'... The work itself, which I had never seen before, has certainly not altered my opinion as to the utter undescoredness (?) and coarseness of the attack upon Mr. Bowles (though some of the worst things mentioned by Blackwood and by your Magazine [the Gentleman's Magazine] I could not find, in the turning over the pages), but I confess that it has given me a very different impression of the writer's calibre & powers of satire from what the tone adopted in speaking of him by the two Reviews in question had left upon my mind. It appears to me evident, too, that the author of the satire must be some person with whom I am myself personally acquainted, as it is plain, from his almost total silence respecting my writings that, though he could not conscientiously give me a good word he was restrained by some personal considerations (perhaps of kindness) from giving me a bad one. ...'
Moore also indicates that he is sending Pickering's first letter, or extracts from it, to Bowles.
 There are no letters from Moore to Pickering in The Letters of Thomas Moore, ed Wilfred S. Dowden, 2 vols, 1964, and no evident mention of this subject. The Journal also seems silent.
The dating of the letter is quite certain, and the postmark is bold, but the word preceding 'Novr. 14th 1835', appears to be 'Tuesday' or 'Friday' (the more likely reading although Moore generally dots his 'I's). 14 November 1835 was a Saturday.
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