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NAPOLEON I (1769-1821). Emperor of the French.
Letter Signed ('N' with a flourish) to [Henri-Jacques-Guillaume] Clarke, Duc de Feltre (1765-1818, Marshal of France), 1 page 4to, Paris, 25 March 1813. Written during Napoleon's campaign for the liberation of Germany. A small note pinned to the foot of the letter records that it had been forwarded.
Demanding to know why General Loison was not at his post in Wesel, and ordering General Lemarois, who was in Düsseldorf, to go to Wesel and take overall command of the 29th Division 'en Conservant celui de Grand Duché de Berg'.
 The Grand Duchy of Berg had been established by Napoleon after his victory over the Holy Roman Emperor. He had appointed his brother-in-law Joachim Murat at the first Grand Duke, followed by his nephew, Prince Napoleon Louis Bonaparte. The brief existence of the Duchy was to come to an end after Napoleon's defeat in the German campaign.
 General Louis Henri Loison (1771-1816) had been appointed to guard the fortress at Wesel earlier this year, but was reprimanded by Napoleon for failing to accompany his division to the front.
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