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COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert, Baron (1748-1810). Vice-admiral.
Letter Signed to Sir John Stuart, 1 page folio (a little worn in the folds and slightly browned), Ville de Paris, Mahon [Minorca], 2 December 1809. Regarding property taken by (Sir) Alexander Bryce at the capture of Damienti and explaining the need to apply to the court of Admiralty with full details.
Alexander (later Sir Alexander) Bryce (1766-1832), at this time a colonel in the royal engineers, had directed several sieges in Egypt and had been present at the surrender of Cairo. He commanded the detachment of Sir John Stuart's army that captured Damienti. He was commanding engineer in the expedition to the Bay of Naples in 1809.
'I have made enquiry in England respecting the Prizes taken at Diamante [sic], by the joint Military and Naval force and am informed that His Majesty takes no cognizance of such captures - nor gives orders for any distribution, until the copy of its condemnation in the High Court of Admiralty, is present with the Memorial. ...
 'If Sir, you will have the goodness to order such Schedule, or inventory of the property to be made out at Messina, and such relation of the circumstances of the capture, and sworn to by Colonel Bryce, and such other officers as have knowledge of it - and will send it to me. I will as soon as possible obtain the affidavit of Captain Pearse ...'

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