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COKE, Sir Edward (1552-1634). Chief justice of the common pleas, legal writer, and politician.
Letter Signed to Sir Nicholas Bacon and Sir Nathaniel Bacon, ½-page folio with address-leaf, Temple, 4 December 1604. Telling them that he has advised the bearer John Waller to exhibit a new bill in chancery as the best means of procuring the benefit of an extent upon the recognizance made by the late William Waller.
'After my very hartie comendacons. Whereas I understood that you are willing that this Bearer John waller shall have the benefytt of ye extent uppon the Recognisance acknowledge by william waller deceased unto the late L[ord] Keep[er] you[ur] father, So as you maie doe the same with saffetie and without impeachement of the former order in the chancerie, I have therefore, (for the saffetie of you the executors, and the good of the said John waller) advised him (being of councell with him in the said cause) to exhibite a newe Bill unto the chancerie, being the most apte and ready meanes to procure unto him the benefytt of the said extent, without danger unto the executors, w[hi]ch course I thought good to acquaint you withall, And so doe very hartiely committ you to Gods blessed keeping, At the Temple this iiijth of December 1694. / Your assured loving friende Edw. Coke.'
Address leaf:
'To the Right worshipfull my / assured good Friendes Sir / Nicholas Bacon, And Sir Nathananiell Bacon knighte / delyver this.'
Sir Nicholas and Sir Nathaniel Bacon were respectively high sheriffs of Suffolk and Norfolk and were the elder sons of Sir Nicholas Bacon, the former lord keeper of the great seal (who is mentioned in the letter), and half-brothers of Francis Bacon, the lord chancellor and Coke's implacable rival.
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