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HENRIETTA MARIA (1609-1669). Queen of Charles I.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Henriette MarieR') in French, to Henry Rich, Lord Holland, her high steward, 1 page 4to with address-leaf and armorial seals with blue silk ties,. [1630s]. The signature is inverted at the top of the page for want of room. Blank bifolium of exactly the same size inserted between the leaves of the letter probably by accident (unique in our experience of a letter of this date).
Acknowledging that she has received two letters from him, to the first of which she can only answer verbally ('...I found it very good and have followed the advice it contained...) and of the other can tell him that the King found his advice very sound; she assures him that she will always be his friend which she will prove in deeds sooner than in words.
 Henry Rich, first Earl of Holland (1590-1649), helped in 1623 to conclude the treaty that made Henrietta Maria the wife of Charles I. In 1629 he was appointed Constable of Windsor and High Steward to the Queen. At this time he was the chief of her favourites, was her political advisor and leader of her party in the Court. In the Civil War he was appointed Captain General of the royal forces North of the Trent and was frequently used as an intermediary between the King and Queen. He fought on the royalist side at the Battle of Newbury and was executed by the parliamentarians in 1649.
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