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MARLBOROUGH, John Churchill, 1st Duke of (1650-1722).
Autograph Letter Signed in French [to Charles III, King of Spain, later Emperor Charles VI], 2 pages 4to with integral blank, The Hague, 24 April 1709.
Informing his ally that he had written the previous week by Colonel Kein, to the effect that he is sending the present letter by Quartermaster General de Bourgay 'pour informer V: M: des secours qui Luy sont destinés d'Angleterre', and that de Bourgay is bringing a letter to the Duc de Molles in which Marlborough would explain in detail 'la situation des affaires en se pais, pour estre communique a V: M:', and assuring the King of his punctilious regard for his interests.
 Written after Marlborough's victory over the French at Oudenarde and his advance into Flanders, immediately before the abortive peace negotiations in which he took part at the Hague in May 1709.
[No: 24163]

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