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JAMES II (1633-1701). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Autograph Letter Signed ('.J.') to his niece, Charlotte Fitzroy, illegitimate daughter of Charles II, 2 pages 4to with address-leaf and red wax seal, Winchester, 13 September [1683]. The address-leaf heavily repaired, but the letter in generally fine condition.
A charming letter to his favourite niece, the Countess of Lichfield, illegitiate daughter of Charles II and Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland, written when duke of York, discoursing about his own doings and (in a typically English manner) of the rainy weather.
'When I came back with his Ma[jesty] from the Portsmouth voyage I receved yours of the 7: and tho we have had much raine here, it has happned so, as not to hinder neither hunting, nor hawking, I was out this day a Stag hunting and tho it rained most part of the day, we killed our Stag, after to morrow the Dutchesse, Prince, Princesse, and my self, are to go to Salisbury, to see that Church and Wilton, and on Wensday from Salisbury to Southampton, and thence to Portsmouth in the yachts ... this night the King declared he intended to go for London on the 25 of this month, which is some days soner then we thought, but I fear as we go sone from hence, we shall stay no more days at London then we did last yeare, before we go to Newmarkett ...'

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