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BLERIOT, Louis (1872-1936). French pioneer aviator.
Signature in ink ('L Bleriot') on the reverse of a picture postcard showing [Adolphe-Célestin] Pegoud in the cockpit of his aeroplane, no date.
Pegoud had obtained his flying licence in 1913 and had at once been hired by Bleriot, with whom he often performed. He became the first man to fly inverted and the first perform a loop and can hence be regarded as the originator of aerobatics. He became the first 'Ace' during the war of 1914-18 (with five 'kills') but was shot down and himself killed on 31 August 1915.The caption to the photograph reads 'M. Pegoud. the aviator who has flown upside-down & looped the loop'.
[No: 24146]

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