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BADEN-POWELL, Sir Robert, 1st Baron (1857-1941). Founder of the Boy Scout movement.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Erroll, 1 page 8vo (a little worn), War Office [blind stamp], 29 May no year. Politely declining an invitation on the grounds that he needs to be in Cardiff the next day 'to receive their Freedom etc.' and thence in Warwick.
Baden Powell did not much enjoy his desk-work at the War Office. He had been appointed inspector-general of cavalry in 1902.
Josslyn Victor Hay, twenty-second earl of Erroll (1901-1941), was perhaps a descendent of the Lady Erroll to whom Baden-Powell is here writing. A colonist and notorious philanderer in Kenya, he was shot, probably by Sir Jock Delves Broughton (1883-1942). The scandal became the subject of the film White Mischief (1987).
[No: 24118]

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