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LAWRENCE, T.E. (1888-1935). 'Lawrence of Arabia'.
Autograph notes on folio sheet of embossed official paper, headed 'Record of Inspection of Parts / Checking List Section / Defects found', undated. The present example is presumably a draft, written in pencil with many corrections and concerns itself with sparking plugs used on the newly constructed power boats.
'... The R.3. is, however, not suited to the engine because of its dimensions. Its overall length is such that the terminal end of the central electrode comes within shocking distance of the engine's exhaust manifold and causes misfiring at slow speeds. ...'
Lawrence was happiest in his R.A.F. career working on perfecting power boats to use in sea rescue of fallen airmen, initiating the development of the Air Sea Rescue launch. Much of his time was spent with the manufacturers of the boats and their engines. His expertise in the field was acknowledged by his superior officers, and they allowed him to dispense with the less congenial aspects of military life. His preference for machines over people made this period of his short life the most pleasant he had enjoyed for years.
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