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Illustrated letters from Punch cartoonist

STAMPA, George L. (1875-1951). Cartoonist.
Amusing series of 7 Autograph Letters Signed, 5 of them illustrated, 5 to Newall and 2 to Mrs Newall, 10 Hodford Road, Child's Hill and Shaftesbury House, Cheadle Hulme, 10 September 1920 to 19 June 1923, where dated. Negotiating with Newall for the purchase of cartoons, the prices rising from 5 to 10 guineas, and tactfully declining to use any of Newall's ideas.
'Many thanks for your ... suggestion for a drawing of the Crown Prince. I will think it over, but at first sight I don't see more than a literal illustration, which being funny in itself I don't know how to make fun of. I wish they would get hold of him & his criminal father. ...'
'Yes thank you I am well, but I am anxious to kill somebody, as the Collector of Taxes has just drawn from me a larger amount than I can spare, & I want a pair of boots & a new hat, a gramaphone
[sic] & a piece of indiarubber. ... .
The letters to Mrs Newall were written after the death of Newall; the first is a letter of sympathy and the second offers her a picture at a knock-down price.
'... I have had several applications for the drawing "A Matter of Courtesy" (Rudyard Kipling amongst them) but had not sold it up to the time I left home. I generally get ten guineas for my "Punch" drawings & have quoted that price in this instance to the others. If you will let it go no further I'll say £8.8.0 to you & feel honoured that it may live in your beautiful home. ...'

£325 [No: 24080]
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