FISHER, John Arbuthnot, 1st Baron, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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FISHER, John Arbuthnot, 1st Baron (1841-1920). Admiral of the fleet.
Autograph Letter Signed (initials) to a Subdean, 1 page 4to with embossed seal of the Admiralty, Whitehall, no place, 28 April 1909. Promising to do his best and asking for the Subdean's prayers in his current difficulties (referring to his feud with Beresford over Fisher's absorbtion of the Channel Fleet into the Home Fleet).
Fisher signs himself 'Yours till a Cinder!' and adds, in a postscript:
'Fine epitaph on of Nelson's Captains "Death found him fighting".'

[No: 24014]

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