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'I cannot believe he is holding out'

[GORDON, Charles George (1833-1885).] 'Chinese Gordon'.
Autograph Letter Signed from Gordon's brother, Sir Henry Gordon, to Wade (probably Sir Thomas Francis Wade (1818-1895, diplomat), 4 pages 8vo, Chelsea, 10 February 1885. A remarkable letter, written five days after the first telegraphic rumours of of Gordon's death had reached England, describing his brother's situation as desperate, but not fatal.
'... I cannot believe he is holding out. I cannot see how he could do so since the Rebels have Artillery. He must, in my opinion have yielded from famine combined with treachery. ... he told Wolseley he had only 40 days provisions ... One curious thing is that Wilson did not speak of seeing Steamers at Kartoum [sic] of which there ought to have been some eight or ten. Probably Gordon sent away the Egyptian families to the Equator. I do not think if taken alive, the Madhi would kill him. ...'

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The image shows the last page only.

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