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The image shows a sample page of the diary.

Autograph diary of Trooper F. Crook, 32 pages in a free booklet with an additional page from what appears to be a folded account book, 1900-1901. Trooper Crook volunteered for the North Somerset Imperial Yeomanry at Bath in January 1900 and was sent to South Africa. The diary records conditions in the fields and various actions in which he took part.
'... The following morning we marched into Brandfort about mid-day, driving the Boers to the hills. We camped in a churchyard, but no longer had tents having to leave them at Bloemfontein. ... It was here we started 'looting' for which the 48th Company soon got noted. We made a very successful raid on a Jew's store, relieving his place of everything and returned to camp with our spoils. ...'
Crook was later appointed one of a 4-man escort to Lord Roberts, his wife and daughters, and describes his time in that post.
A cabinet photograph of Crook in uniform is included.
[No: 23990]

The image shows a sample page of the diary.

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