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A plea for troops to quell the Indian Mutiny

CANNING, Charles John, Earl (1812-1862). Governor-general & first viceroy of India.
Important Autograph Letter Signed to General Ashburnham, 10 pages 8vo with an autograph envelope, also signed, Calcutta, 19 May 1857. Imploring Ashburnham to divert troops heading for China to Calcutta to help quell the Indian Mutiny.
'... To you it is scarcely necessary to represent the consequences wh will follow if, encouraged by a Company kept at Delhi, the Mutineers, of whose presence in several Regiments in Bengal I am well asssured, shd rise upon the Europeans in any one of the many stations far distant from the support of European Troops. There are many such Stations between this and Agra - ... and the out-stations in Orde. Not a European soldier in any one of them....'
'... I have addressed [the request] in its formal shape, to Lord Elgin, as being fully as much Political as Military in its nature. ...'
In the event, the troops bound for China were diverted to India and in November of 1857 Ashburnham and his staff left Hong Kong for India. These troops were largely instrumental in the success of the campaign.
[No: 23975]

The image shows the last, signed, page only.

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