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ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh, 1st Earl (1832-1914). Field Marshal.
Eight Autograph Letters Signed to the publisher [Richard] Bentley, in all 16½ pages 8vo, Grove Park, London, France, and Dublin, 1894-1898, all with transcriptions. Concerning the publication of Roberts's Forty-one Years in India.
Roberts discusses illustrations and presentation copies, returns proofs, and sends corrections for future editions, including a lengthy alteration which he appends to the letter of 5 April 1898.
'I have sent today to Messrs Billing & Sons the final pages of the Mutiny story. When you have read them perhaps you will kindly tell me whether you think that the 1st Vol. should end with the account of the Mutiny, and Vol 2 begin with the chapter "What brought about the Mutiny"? My fear is that I am making the book too large ...'[31 December 1894]

[No: 23916]

The image shows one example only.

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