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LARKIN, Philip 1922-1985. Poet and librarian.
Typewritten Letter Signed to L.W. Kingsland, his former English master at King Henry VIII School, 1 page folio, University of Hull, Brynmor Jones Library, 13 January 1972.
Sending photocopies of the first twelve of the polylingual Lord's Prayer he had asked for, giving him the charges for this service, directing him to the British Museum Catalogue for a full listing of such sources with the suggestion that he makes his enquiries there ('...this is not to suggest I am not happy to supply what little we have, simply my professional instincts come to the fore ...') and thanking him for mentioning his honorary degrees ('... as you may know, I worked at both these Universities, and this may be an example of the old boy network at its grossest. I was much flattered, though, as I couldn't suppose either institution to be under any illusions about me...')
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