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O'MEARA, Barry Edward (1786-1836). Surgeon to Napoleon at St Helena.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Roy, 1 page 4to (repaired, small piece missing, not affecting the text), Montague Square, 3 March no year [postmarked 1827]. Sending a note from Napoleon which he requests be placed at the beginning of the 'Observations', and explaining that the signal in question was sent from the shore to the ship.
Referring to his Observations upon the Authenticity of Bourrienne's 'Memoirs', published in 1831, the wording he requires to be added is:
'J'approve ces observations, je desire qu'elles soient mises sous les yeux du Souverain et des peuple d'Angleterre.
Longwood le 5 Octobre 1817
The original note from Napoleon is not included but is quoted in the text of the letter.
[No: 23844]

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