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HENRY, Prince of Wales (1594-1612). Son of James I, died at the age of nineteen.
Document Signed, (enormous signature 'Henry P' at the head), 1 page folio on vellum (rather damaged at the edges with a little loss of text, laid down), [1612].
From the Prince's house at Richmond, in English, to George More, informing him that by his Letters of Privy Seal to the office of the Lord Treasurer he has appointed him to receive £3,000, part of £7,000 bestowed on him by his father James I, and to pay £500 to Sir Robert Dudley ('now remayning beyond the seas').
 The handwriting of Prince Henry, who died at the age of nineteen years, is of considerable rarity.
 George More, appointed the Prince's Receiver-General in December 1610, was famously the father-in-law of John Donne who wrote an 'Elegy on the untimely death of the incomparable prince Henry' first published in Joshua Sylvester's Lachryme Lachrymarum. Sylvester was a Groom of the Chamber to the Prince. Henry had bought Kenilworth from Sir Robert Dudley, son of the Earl of Leicester, on 18 October 1612, very shortly before his death on 6 November.
 This warrant comes with a twentieth-century note: 'These were found in the house where Sir Thomas Puckering (Keeper of the Privy Seal to Queen Elizabeth) [whose son John was a for some years a companion of Henry Prince of Wales], lived, as also Sir Henry Puckering who was nephew of this associate (who perhaps acted as Treasurer) of Henry Prince of Wales. They had lain undisturbed in the house (except unfortunately by mice) for nearly 300 years.'
 Sir Adam Newton, secretary to Henry Prince of Wales, married Katherine, the daughter of Sir Thomas Puckering, and the warrant may have come to the Puckering by his hands; Newton's son took the name Puckering.
 Together with a small engraved portrait of the prince, 160 x 115 mm. (ca 6 x 4½ inches).
[No: 23792]

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