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ADDISON, Joseph (1672-1719). Essayist, poet & statesman.
Letter Signed and subscribed, as a Lord of the Treasury, to Mr Worsley, 3 pages folio (tipped to an album-leaf, an engraving hinged to page 3, Whitehall, 7 January 1717/18.
Discussing a case to be heard by the Lords Commissioners of Trade, the situation of families of British merchants residing in the Bahia, and the seizing by the Portuguese government of twelve bales of clothes meant for British seamen.
'... As to the business of Mr La Roche, I have been directed to refer that matter to the Lords Commissioners of Trade, and have accordingly transmitted to them an Extract of your Letter with the other papers relating thereto; and Mr Hayes a Merchant residing here, and acting in partnership with Mr La Roche, having given in his reasons in vindication of the said La Roche, I have likewise transmitted a Copy thereof to their Lo[rdshi]ps, that they may be the better enabled to consider the whole State of the Case. ...
'His Majesty is very well satisfied with the Success of your Representation in behalf of the Families of British Merchants residing in the Bahia, and that the Court of Portugal is inclined to revoke the Order you apprehended would be given to oblige them to remove from those parts. As the King of Portugal has upon this occasion given assurance on his part, both with regard to the Treaties between the Two Crowns, and the particular Friendship He professes for His Ma[jes]ty, I am to recommend it to your further care to see those assurance made good ...
'In your Letter of the 18th past you send inclosed the Copy of a Letter to you from Captain Norbury, complaining, that Twelve Bales of Slopp Clothes sent for the use of the Salley Squadron under the Command of Vice-Adm[ira]ll Cornwall have been Seized and secured in the Custom House at Lisbon ... so that, in case that matter be not already redressed, His Ma[jes]ty would have you make such further Instances as you shall think proper in order to get the said Clothes dischared, and for the purpose I herewith inclose to you the Copies of the above mention'd Papers.'

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