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NORRIS, William Edward (1847-1925). Novelist.
Six Autograph Letters Signed to Miss Pearl, in all 15 pages 8vo with two envelopes, Mount Street, Underbank, Torquay and Alvington, 31 May 1891 to 6 August 1894, where dated. An interesting group discussing literature, his lectures on the same to the miners of Backworth, and inviting her to dine to meet Henry James.
'Would you call George Meredith's "Shaving of Shagpat" a novel? If so, I should be inclined to recommend it to the consideration of the Society of which you tell me. Failing that, I should name "Romola" [George Eliot] and "The Newcomes" [Thackeray] as being the two best English novels, according to my notions, which have been written in this century. ...'
'... If you really think that I ought to suggest "points for consideration" in "Romola" and "The Newcomes" to the mining population of Backworth, I will try to do so. Each of these novels, it seems to me, contains one admirably drawn character, and although the workmanship of both is excellent throughout, it is really to the two studies of Colonel Newcome and Tito Melema that they owe their immortality. ...'
'... I shall have to begin furnishing "Underbank", which I have just taken. My heart sinks at the thought of it, and I feel almost as dejected as if I were going to be married.'

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The image shows part of one letter only.

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