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COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert, Baron (1748-1810). Vice-admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed [to Sir Hew Dalrymple (1750-1830)], 4 pages 4to, [on board] Ocean, 12 June 1807. Contemporary docket on the fourth page next to the signature. A good letter on the subject of alcohol consumed by the fleet, the death of Colonel McLeod, etc.
'I have taken much trouble to limit the use of Spirituous Liquors in the ships - and have given the most strict injunctions that as small a proportion shall be received in them as is consistent with their stowage. I do not very well understand why Mr Cutforth's purchases of it should be so extensive - the Expense before that prohibition - for the last year was 42000 Gallons - his receipt of it in a short time appears to be 56000 nearly - but I suspect it is for other purpose than supplying the ships. ... if good wine is purchased brandy is not much wanted to reinforce it - and I am sure good wine is paid for in a very high price. ... I do not know that Mr Cutforth is more virtuous than Caesar's Wife but a general regulation cannot offend men who are correct ...'
 'Poor Colonel McLeod is dead, I suppose you have heard. The whole of that Rosetta business was unfortunate - in my opinion ill-judged to attempt it - for had they possessed Rosetta without the loss of a man - they would have drawn nothing from the country there, to Alexandria, after the Turkish army was assembled - and before it assembled, the country was open to them ...'
It was at Rosetta (Rashid) on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt that a British force had been surrounded and defeated in 1807. McLeod had been the commander at Al Hamed.
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