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To a young-lady friend. With a sketch

DODGSON, Charles Lutwidge (1832-1898). 'Lewis Carroll'.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Your loving friend CLD') to a young lady friend Ursula [Mallam], 1 page 8vo (oblong), Christ Church, Oxford, 17 March [1897]. Arranging to meet her, and inviting her to tea on the following Saturday.
'Please tell your mother I'll meet the Tram at 6.15 at Carfax on Tuesday: &, if that fails, I'll be there at 6.30 also; & again at 6.45. ...'
Ursula (1886-1977) was the daughter to James Thomas Mallam, the Oxford estate agent and auctioneer, and his wife Alice. She married in 1917 the barrister Howard Liversidge.
See The Letters of Lewis Carroll, ed. Morton N. Cohen, Vol II, pages 1114-1116, for the background to this letter, which is not published. It is clear that Ursula had replied to say that she could not come on the Saturday.
With a pencil drawing of a behatted man standing with legs wide apart, captioned by Ursula in later life 'This was drawn by "Lewis Carroll"'. Dodgson was a highly accomplished artist and this sketch would appear to be unworthy of his talents, although there is good reason to suppose that Ursula would not have been mistaken in the attribution. The drawing is on the reverse of part of a page evidently relating to a consecrated burial ground.
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