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Napoleon pays his English translator double the rate

NAPOLEON I (1769-1821). Emperor of the French.
Autograph Endorsement Signed ('Accorde N') on a letter addressed to him by his cabinet secretary, 1 page folio with integral blank leaf, 10 April 1809. The secretary, Edouard Mouniest, asks Napoleon to endorse the payment of 3000 francs to each of the three official translators and of 6000 francs to the English translator. Napoleon's endorsement signifies his agreement.
It is significant that the translator, M. Nettement, should receive double the pay of his colleagues. It suggests that Napoleon attached particular importance to the transation of English documents, which would have included intercepted or captured papers. The translator would also have kept the Emperor informed of English affairs from his reading of the newspapers.
 Although Napoleon took some English lessons on St Helena he never became proficient in the language.
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