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The image is of the second and third pages only.

NEWMAN, Francis William (1805-1897). Scholar & religious writer; brother of John Henry Newman.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Edward', 4 pages 8vo, 7 P[ark] V[illage] E[ast], Regents Park, 14 February 1853. Regretting that the snow had not aided the Milanese insurrection ('I am told that Mazzini was strongly against this outbreak but the Milanese would try'), and remarking on Ruskin's works.
'... I ... enjoy his exposition of principles; but his criticisms in detail are generally highly uninteresting to me, because I cannot recollect any of the pictures he speaks of, even if I have seen them. ... He is called conceited & contemptuous of other people's intellect. ...'

[No: 23655]

The image is of the second and third pages only.

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