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The image shows part of one letter only.

MURRAY, Sir John (1851-1928). Publisher.
Autograph Letter Signed and Typewritten Letter Signed to the Rev C. Haldon, 2 pages 4to, 50 Albemarle Street, 2 March and 21 July 1922. Admitting that Southey was connected with his firm, though extremely difficult to deal with, but insisting that the reason he is refusing Haldon's request is because of the increase of calls on his reduced purse.
'... as a matter of fact he was indebted to my Grandfather for many favours & in many ways but was a most ungrateful & querulous receiver of benefits. I have a great many of his letters & have always felt a resentment at his ingratitude. ...'
The second letter explains that pressure of work will prevent his sorting out the Southey letters at present.
'... If I should find any leisure later on, I will try to do what you wish, but is is a very rare thing for me to get any leisure at all for such work.'

[No: 23548]

The image shows part of one letter only.

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