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CUI, César Antonovich (1835-1918). Russian composer.
Autograph Letter Signed in French to his publisher, Heugel, 3½ pages 8vo, no place, 22 September [1909]. A friendly letter recounting his musical achievements.
'In December it will be the 50th anniversary of my being a composer (am I that old!). In fact on 14/26 December 1859, at the 4th symphonic concert of the Societé Musicale Russe was performed, conducted by A[nton] Rubinstein, my first Scherzo (Fa - major). Relating to this, St Petersburg are performing Angélo [his opera, 1876], Moscow Le Prisonnier [1883], several concerts devoted entirely to my music etc. ...'

[No: 23401]

The image is of the first page only.

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