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HONEGGER, Arthur (1892-1955). French composer, member of 'Les Six'.
Autograph Letter Signed to a friend, 1 page 4to, closely written, Paris, 31 May 1941. With a translation. A good letter, written during the German occupation of Paris, discussing his music, expressing gratitude for the offer of food, and nostalgia for old times.
'... I have suddenly been plunged into a great deal of work, as always in a great hurry, - the music for the "Suppliants of Eschyle" which J.L. Barrault is showing for the Ministry of Sports at the Rolant Garras Stadium. there are seven choirs and no small quantity of incidental music ...
'... we should be delighted to accept the 20 kilogrammes of haricot beans which you propose to send, as well as some tins of sardines or more especially tuna, but the most important thing is that you do not go short on our behalf ... I hope the aeroplanes are allowing you to sleep peacefully.
When I go past Avenue V.H.
[presumably Victor Hugo] I thow a melancholy glance in the direction of no. 107. ...'
Honegger's incidental music for The Suppliants [of Aeschylus] appears to have remained unpublished.
[No: 23397]

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