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BLAKE, Robert (1599-1657). Admiral and general at sea.
Document Signed, 1 page folio (chipped at the edges), 15 November 1653, signed also by William Burton and Thomas Kelsey, Commissioners of the Navy. Ordering letters directed to Colonel Salmon to be forwarded for the consideration of the Commissioners and their opinion given as to 'what may be best for the advantage of the service to doe thereupon'.
An endorsement on the second leaf (detached) states that the letters were delivered to Mr Hopkins 'toe have it back 21 9[Nov]br 1653 to be carried to ye Collonell at Whitehall'. A docket on the reverse reads '... for considering of a p[ro]posicon of an Conder of Planck to be supplied out of Lancashire, and returning their opinion'.
The document dates from the last period of the first Anglo-Dutch War.
[No: 23381]

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