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[NELSON, Horatio, Viscount] (1758-1805). Vice-admiral.
Near-contemporary copy of Nelson's Memorial to the King (George III), 2 pages folio with second leaf (detached, splits in the folds), October 1797. A formal document prepared in connection with the offer of a pension of £1,000 per annum, setting out his recent achievements and successes. The watermark of the paper is 1798.
See The Dispatches and Letters, ed. Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Vol. 2, page 447.
'That during the present War the ('your' in Nicolas) Memorialist has been in Four Actions with the Fleets of the Enemy - Vizt. on the 13th and 14th of March 1795 [taking two French ships off Toulon]- on the 13th July 1795 [another French ship, was not this on the 14th?] - and on the 14th of February 1797 [The Battle of Cape St Vincent] In three Actions with Frigates - In Six Engagements against Batteries - In Ten Actions in Boats in cutting our of Harbours ... and your Memorialist has actually been engaged against the enemy upwards of one Hundred and twenty Times: - In which Services your Memorialist has lost his Right Eye and Right Arm, and been severely bruised in his Body ...'

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The image is of the second page only.

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