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The image shows part of one letter only.

[ROBERTS, David] (1796-1864). Painter.
Eight Autograph Letters Signed from [John William] Monson (7th Baron Monson), in all ca 30 pages 8vo, Carlton Gardens, Gatton Park and Brighton, 19 March - 29 August 1841. Most of the letters begins with a tedious narration of his health, but then closely follows the progress of works commissioned and bought by Monson and give details of the collection of modern painters Monson wishes to make.
'... I will most certainly take the Picture of Jerusalem of you for myself. I do not at all consider the price high for such a picture, but more under than over its value. ... I see before me - Sir David Roberts - overwhelmed with more commissions than he could execute in a century. Queens, Kings, Princes, Dukes & marquisses tearing him to pieces & abusing him because he does not throw off elaborate Pictures as fast as the Times steam engine does its newspapers. ...' [26 March 1841]
'... [I propose] making a small collection of pictures of our most eminent English artists. ... There is one however with whom I am anxious to lose no time, but as I remarked before I dread his enormous prices. ... The person I refer to is Edwin Landseer. ...'[12 June 1841]

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The image shows part of one letter only.

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