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The image shows the last page of the first letter.

MILLIN, Sarah Gertrude (1889-1968). Lithuanian-born South African writer.
Two frank and outspoken letters to (Sir) Arthur Bryant, 6 pages 8vo and 4 pages 4to, 15 Rutland Gate and Johannesburg, 15 July 1962 and 29 October 1965. Both lettesr deploring the treatment of Africa by England and enlisting Bryant's help in furthering her cause.
'In the Illustrated London News of Sept. 11th you wrote of the shame and agony the white man is suffering in Africa and I think you must be one in a thousand who understands our position. ...
'We are 4 million whites in a continent of 250,000,000 blacks. When all the Colonies became independent lands, and were also divided, they had control of the commonwealth & indeed are considering whether or not to throw England out of it. Because of their numbers they became valuable to the Asians, so they now control not only the Commonwealth, but the United Nations. ...'

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The image shows the last page of the first letter.

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