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ELGAR, Sir Edward (1857-1934). Composer.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Edward') to 'My dear Norman', 1 page 4to, Worcester (on his 'Master of the King's Musick' paper), 29 November 1931. Together with an article written by Elgar about the Worcester College Hall, dated in his hand at the top ('Nov. 1931'), torn from a magazine and split in the horizontal fold.
The letter is almost certainly to Norman O'Neill (1875-1934) who was on the faculty of the Royal Academy of Music along with Alexander Mackenzie.
'Here is the essay on Falstaff [this is not included] which I hope may interest you: do not send it back, but when you have done with it you can drop it for me at the Club [?the Athenaeum, although Norman Forbes does not appear to have been a member].
 'Also a sheet from a magazine (local) which concerns our dear old friend
[Sir Alexander Campbell] Mackenzie more than / your affectionate friend / Edward. ...'
Elgar adds a postscript about 'sack', presumably in relation to Falstaff, contrasting it with his friend's champagne.
The magazine article in which Elgar reminisces about musical events at the College Hall is probably rather a rare piece of Elgariana these days.
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