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JAMES I (1566-1625). King of Scotland, England and Ireland.
Document Signed, in the name of his Queen, Anne of Denmark (1574-1619), and signed also by her ('Anna R'), 1 page folio on vellum, April 1603. The document has been rather heavily restored and is stained in the centre although almost entirely legible. Latin text, seal tag without remains of seal, ca 170 x 295 mm. (6½ x 11½ inches).
The King's signature occurs above that of Anne at the foot of the document, which relates to property in Scotland and to James Ogilvie of Balfour. On her marriage to James, then King James VI of Scotland in Norway in 1589 Anne had been granted the charter of the regality of Dunfermline, and she subsequently made it her preferred place of residence, surrounding herself there with Catholic friends. The Queen also promoted new architecture, and patronized artists, musicians and poets. James's acceded to the English throne on 24 March 1603, and this document appears to date from the following month.
[No: 23028]

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