CHERUBINI, Luigi, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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CHERUBINI, Luigi (1760-1842). Italian composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Pierre] Baillot (1771-1842, French violinist and composer), 1 page 16mo (irregular at left hand edge without loss of text, no place, no date. Inviting him to come over the following day to go through the andante of his quartet 'in order to see that there will not be any difficult runs in it'.
Baillot, described in Grove as 'the last representative of the Classical Paris school of vioinists', was an advocate of the works of Cherubini and his contemporaries as well as being responsible for the rediscovery of much old music, and was the composer of nine concertos and many other works.
[No: 23014]

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