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CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of Great Britain and Ireland.
Fine Document Signed, addressed to the Earl of Arran, deputy governor of Ireland, 5 pages folio with address-leaf, Whitehall, 27 February 1683/4. Countersigned by Sir Leoline Jenkins as Secretary of State and by Sir William Trumbull as Clerk of the Signet.
Referring to the petition of Walter Nangle of Kilkaldie, County Meath, Ireland, that the Crown should grant him the reversion of his lands there ('for his encouragement in Building and Improving upon the said Lands'), and giving the King's decision in his favour upon certain conditions. The document also sets out three opinions of officers or departments of the Crown on the merits of the petition.
'... Whereas Our Welbeloved Subject Walter Nangle of Killdalkie in Our Kingdome of Ireland hath by his humble Petic[i]on informed Us, that by Decree of Our late Commissio[ne]rs for executing the Act of Settlement, bearing date the 22th day of July in the yeare 1663, he was adjudged an in[n]ocent Person, and was thereby restored to the Mannor Town and Lands of Kildalkie with the Appurtenances lying the Barony of Lune and Count of Meath in Our said Kingdome of Ireland, to be held by him and the Heires Males of his Body: That by vertue of the said Decree he was putt into possession of the said Lands, and hath ever since continued in possession thereof, and hath payd the new Quitt Rents due and payable thereout to Us; that the Pet[itione]r hath Three Sons living of his Body lawfully begotten who are Inheritable to the Estate so Decreed to him as aforesaid But in regard, he hath only an Estate Tayle in the said Lands the Reversion or Remainder thereof being in Us, he cannot make any sure Estate to his Tenants of the said Lands, whereby the improvement of the said Lands is much hindred; And having therefore humbly prayed, that for his encouragement in Building and Improving upon the said Lands, We would be graciously pleased to Grant to him and his Heires all Our Right and title to the said Lands, and the Reversion and Remainder thereof under the New Quitt Rents now due and payable thereout unto Us; We referred the consideration thereof unto you Our Deputy of that Our Kingdome, who for your better information in the case had the opinion of Our Sollicitor Generall there in the words following ...'
There follow the written opinions of John Temple (16 February 1682/3), The Earl of Rochester, Sir Edward Dering, Sidney Godolphin and Sir Stephen Fox.
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The image is of the upper part of the first page.

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