BUSONI, Ferruccio Benevenuto, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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BUSONI, Ferruccio Benevenuto (1866-1924). Pianist & composer.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to [Otto] Lessmann in Charlottenburg (1844-1918, critic, pianist, composer and owner and editor of the Allgemeine Musik-Zeitung). 2 pages large 4to with envelope, Barmen, 2 December 1900. With transcription and a full translation.
Sending news of his own activities in London, and enclosing (no longer) a newspaper with reviews of his performances there. Mentioning his work in Aachen with Frau Ekman ('who soon sang her way to success there'), his presence in London at the time of the death and burial of Sir Arthur Sullivan, his future plans and the discounting of Grove's Dictionary of Music at Novello's.
'... I was in London at the time of the death and burial of Sir [Arthur] Sullivan; those days almost had the character of a national event and public mourning. - Tomorrow I am playing in Cologne, then Mainz, then make my way slowly - via a few smaller towns - to Holland. I have to "make stops" at six stations there - until shortly before Christmas. - A propos, let me mention to you that Grove's Dictionary of Music is for sale (but only until February) at Novello in London for half of the usual price, i.e. for 40 marks instead of 80. It is a great work of its kind. Pardon this completely shapeless letter. ...'
Sir Arthur Sullivan had died on 22 November 1900 and was buried at St Paul's Cathedral.
'He had made provision for burial in the same grave as his father, mother and brother at Brompton Cemetery, but the offer of burial at St Paul's was deemed to override his wish. By the Queen's command the cathedral service on 27 November 1900 was preceded by another at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, where the uniformed boy choristers saluted their predecessor.' [Arthur Jacobs: Grove Music Online]
[No: 23012]

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