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BUSONI, Ferruccio Benevenuto (1866-1924). Pianist & composer.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to [Otto] Lessmann in Charlottenburg (1844-1918, critic, pianist, composer and owner and editor of the Allgemeine Musik-Zeitung). 4 pages 8vo with envelope, Berlin, 22 August 1897. With transcription and a full translation.
Explaining that he would have called in person had it not been for a prolonged and painful attack of reheumatism, and sending his two most recently published works with a plea for a review ('In my view, such a review from your pen would be the most suitable and would do me the greatest honour'.)
'... The editing of the first volume of the Wohltemperiertes Clavier is the fruit of three years' work: in it, I have set out the greater part of what I most wished to say about playing keyboard instruments and about Bach's personality, while at the same time I have taken those two main themes as my starting point to touch on many another question and express many another view that may well be of more general relevance. - In Liszt's Fantasy and Fugue, I was concerned with achieving the utmost possibilities of the pianoforte without pushing the difficulties too far and lapsing into unplayability. Following on from Das wohltemperierte Clavier, a brochure of Bach's Orgelchoral Preludes is about to appear; the piano transcriptions are intended to form the link between the Wohltemperiertes Clavier and the fugues for organ. - I permit myself to draw your attention particularly to the appendices to the first volume. ...'

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The image is of the last page only.

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